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倫敦奧運2012 最驚喜時刻

倫敦奧運2012 最驚喜時刻
倫敦奧運2012 最驚喜時刻

The Most Powerful Moments From The London Olympics
These are the moments from the 2012 Olympics that you'll still be hearing about at the 2064 Olympics.

1. Shin A Lam Refuses To Leave The Piste

After a controversial ruling led to her defeat in the women's individual epee fencing semifinal, South Korea's Shin A Lam refused to leave the floor as the ruling was being appealed. She stayed on the piste for the better part of an hour, and when a judge came to tell her that her appeal had been declined and to take her away, she walked away from him and stood defiant on the piste. She would eventually win a silver medal in the team epee fencing competition.
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2. Liu Xiang Fights Through His Hurt Achilles, Hops To The Finish Line

Liu Xiang won gold in the 110m hurdles at the 2004 Olympics. Since then, he has battled Achilles injuries that made him a last-minute scratch from the 2008 Games. London was supposed to be his return to form, but on the very first hurdle he crashed. After writhing in pain, Xiang hopped off the track and down the tunnel, before stopping and deciding to return to the track. He hopped the rest of the race, stopping only to kiss the final hurdle. Upon crossing the finish line he was embraced and helped to a wheelchair by his opponents.
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Image by Anja Niedringhaus / AP

3. Oscar Pistorius Becomes The First Double Amputee To Sprint In The Olympics

Oscar Pistorius (aka "The Fastest Man On No Legs" aka "Blade Runner") not only became the first double amputee to run in the Olympics — he actually advanced a round, coming in second in his first heat in the 400m.
Image by DAVID GRAY / Reuters

4. Andy Murray Gets Wimbledon Redemption

One month ago, the UK's own Andy Murray heartbreakingly lost to Roger Federer in the Wimbledon final. Three weeks later, Murray and Federer met again on the exact same court in the gold medal match, where Andy Murray annihilated the defending Wimbledon champ. British tennis fans have been waiting since the 1930s to see one of their own win on that court, and at the 2012 Olympics, Murray gave it to them.
Image by Julian Finney / Getty Images

5. Manteo Mitchell Breaks His Fibula In Relay, Finishes His Leg Of The Race
US sprinter Manteo Mitchell heard his fibula break at the 200-meter mark of his leg of the 4x400m relay. Did he stop? Nope. He ran another 200 meters on the broken leg, and kept the US close enough so his teammates could keep them in contention. They ended up finishing the heat in second and moved onto the finals where they won silver.
Image by Anja Niedringhaus / AP

6. Tom Daley's Bronze Medal For Dad

18-year-old British diver Tom Daley lost his father last year to a brain tumor. He came into the London games looking to win a medal for his dad, but a bum attempt kept him and his partner Peter Waterfield from nabbing one in synchronized diving. But Daley showed up for the individual event and put together a string of excellent dives. When he won bronze, his teammates threw him into the water like he had just won gold.
Image by MICHAEL DALDER / Reuters

7. Kayla Harrison Becomes The First American To Win Gold In Judo, Climbs Into The Stands To Embrace Her Fiancee


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