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Boston bombers' last stand: Incredible new pictures

Boston bombers' last stand: Incredible new pictures
Boston bombers' last stand: Incredible new pictures

Boston bombers' last stand: Incredible new pictures emerge of the dramatic street shootout with police that left one brother dead
  • Watertown resident took photographs of the dramatic scene unfolding in front of his home in the early hours of Friday
  • Images show Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev taking aim at officers
  • They detonate pressure cooker bomb before Dzhokhar jumps in an SUV
  • As he barrels towards officers, his brother is taken down by police
  • Further images show the damage inflicted on the street by gun battle
圖片來源: Youtube圖片來源: Youtube圖片來源: Youtube圖片來源: Youtube

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Incredible new photographs have revealed the dramatic gun battle which broke out between police and the suspected Boston bombers in a residential street, leaving one brother dead.

The images, taken by a resident of the Watertown street in the early hours of Friday, show the Tsarnaev brothers sheltering behind a vehicle and clearly taking aim at police officers.
Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, 19, and his brother Tamerlan, 26, are seen running to a car for more supplies before hauling out a pressure cooker bomb they then detonated, filling the street with smoke.
The photographs, taken on the eyewitness' phone from a third-floor bedroom overlooking the harrowing scene, are the first images giving insight into the fraught battle that left one brother dead.
They come as Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, who is recovering from a gunshot wound to the neck in hospital, told investigators that his older brother was the ringleader in the attacks.

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Harrowing: Images taken by a resident show the suspected Boston Marathon bombers hiding behind a car as they engage in a dramatic shootout with police in Watertown early on Friday morning

Battle: The eyewitness said the men ran to the green sedan, left, for more supplies such as explosives

Andrew Kitzenberg, who snapped the photographs as he sought refuge in his home, shared the dramatic images and details on his blog.
'I was in my living room working on my computer when I heard multiple "pops" coming from outside,' he recalled. 'At that point, I had no idea that I was about to become an eye witness to the biggest news story in the country.

'When I looked outside my window, I could clearly see two people (the Tsarnaev brothers) taking cover behind an SUV and engaging in gunfire.'
He ran to the third floor of the home to seek shelter from the gunfire.

'As I ran into my room, overwhelmed by shock, adrenaline, and curiosity, I jumped onto my bed to stay below the windows but also have a clear view at the shooters and photograph the event,' he said.
Threat: In another image, a red circle shows what the eyewitness believed to be a pressure cooker bomb

Escape: After detonating the bomb and filling the street with smoke, the youngest brother jumped in the car and ploughed towards the police officers lining the end of the residential street

Taken down: As he drove the car, his older brother was taken down by police. His body is circled

He described seeing the men jump out of a green sedan, which they returned to for supplies - 'assumingly, more ammunition and explosives'.
In another picture, he highlights a dark object that he identifies as a pressure cooker bomb.
'The use of this explosive created an enormous cloud of smoke that covered the entire street,' he wrote. 'While the street was still cloudy with smoke one of the brothers started running down the street towards the officers, while still engaging them in gunshots.
'As he got closer to the officers, within 10 -15 yards of them he was taken down.'
Kitzenberg added he had been unable to see whether police knocked him to the ground or shot him.
Aftermath: When the gun battle was over, police rushed to where the green sedan was parked and announced there were other devices on the street, sparking a search

Site: This image shows a blast mark on the ground from where the pressure cooker bomb exploded

His brother then jumped in their car and barreled towards the police cars barricading the end of the street. Authorities said he ran over his brother, who was later pronounced dead.
The images reveal the moment Dzhokhar headed for the police cars - dodging between two.

'The SUV side swiped both cars taking out doors and windows and ultimately broke through the vehicle barricade and continued driving west on Laurel St.,' Kitzenberg wrote on his blog. 'This was the last I saw of the black SUV.'

The battle took place after the FBI released the brothers' photographs on Thursday - four days after they allegedly detonated two bombs at the Boston marathon, killing three and injuring 180.
Recovery: As daylight broke, the witness took photos of the abandoned sedan and backpacks

Hunt: Police swarm the street to check all the houses. The witness' home was then evacuated

Close call: Mr Kitzenberg also shared this image of a bullet hole through his wall and chair after the shootout

The Tsarnaevs then allegedly shot dead a police officer outside MIT and hijacked an SUV, telling the driver they had New York in their sights. The car and suspects were then traced to Watertown.
After the gun battle, Dzhokhar fled the scene and hid in a boat which was parked behind a home, but he was scuppered in his escape when the homeowner spotted him and alerted authorities.

A startling homemade video was released showing the terrifying moments residents were forced from their homes at gunpoint as SWAT teams performed door-to-door searches as they searched for him.
While millions of Bostonians waited in their houses on Friday during the city-wide lockdown, the people of Watertown were faced with SWAT officers yelling at them to get out of the buildings.

The video, shot by an unidentified Watertown resident, shows a team of SWAT officers wielding semi-automatic guns bang on his neighbor's front door and scream for them to get out of the house.

Wanted; Tamerlan Tsarnaev, left, was killed in the shootout, while his brother Dzhokhar, right, escaped

Trawl: On Monday, a police forensics team examined the boat where Dzhokhar was found hiding
Scene: He was found cowering in the boat after its owner realized its straps had moved on Friday evening

The residents are whisked away - hands in the air, one by one - to a nearby group of officers as the SWAT team searches the house for the second shooter, 19-year-old Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.
Resident Lauren Kelleher said she saw State Police with massive automatic weapons in her backyard, walking past her children's swing set and a plastic silver castle.
'The troopers went through. They looked in our yard, they looked in our garage,' she said.
'It was crazy,' said her husband, Tim Kelleher. 'We had SWAT teams, ATF on our lawn.'
Watertown police chief Edward Deveau said a resident was checking his boat after the lockdown was lifted Friday evening and noticed the straps weren't the way he left them.

Search: The media was kept outside of Watertown during the day-long search, that culminated with the discovery of the 19-year-old suspect who was found only after the lockdown was lifted

Scary precedent: Conservatives are now fearful that such actions will be taken in the future

He looked in the boat, saw blood and someone huddled in a corner and quickly called police. The discovery set up the final confrontation and capture with Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.
Officials used Dumitru Ciuc's home as a staging area, taking out the windows and ripping down curtains and window blinds to monitor the boat.
'They didn't say nothing,' about why they were there, he said. 'They just said leave the house and go up the street.'
Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, who was pictured being taken away on a stretcher, remains in hospital as he recovers from an apparently self-inflicted gun wound to the neck.
He told investigators in scrawled notes on Monday that his brother orchestrated the attacks because he 'wanted to defend Islam from attack', but that he and his brother were not linked to any Islamic terrorist groups.
Thermal imaging shows Dzhokhar's final moments before arrest

Hideout: Dzhokhar was found hiding in this boat in Watertown on Friday following a massive manhunt

Apprehended: Dzhokhar is searched and given medical attention after he is found hiding on Friday evening

According to CNN, Dzhokhar said his older brother, Tamerlan, was the ringleader in the attacks that shook the nation a week ago, but that the pair were working alone.
On Monday, he was arraigned in his hospital bed.
He is charged with one count of using and conspiring to use a weapon of mass destruction - namely, an improvised explosive device or IED - against persons and property within the United States resulting in death, and one count of malicious destruction of property by means of an explosive device resulting in death.
If he is convicted, he faces the death penalty or life imprisonment. He also faces a fine of up to $250,000.



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